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rge some weapons. X. The women, who were left to themselves by the men’s zeal for the chase, went to th

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e pool and set down35 their water-jars. The barren, dreary region, where usually nothing was seen except a f

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soluta nobis eleifend

ew goats and shepherds, now swarmed with young Cychrean women in white and variegated robes. Most of them st

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    ood talking together by the pond—some, weary and breathless, stretched themselves on the mossy bank of the river; others wiped the dust from their limbs with dry leaves; many gathered flowers in the shade, others waded out into the str

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    eam to cool their feet in the shallow, but clear and inviting water. Periphas, from his hiding-place, saw them all, yet among the whole party his eye sought only one. Byssa was sitting near the pool among some young matrons of her

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own age. She had removed her sandals, and while he was watching her, rested her foot on her knee

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to examine a scratch she had received from the stones on the way. A young woman, whose appearance

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indicated that she was about to become a mother, approached with her arms full of flowers and, smi

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ling, flung them all into Byssa’s lap, whispering something in her ear as if it were to be kept a secret from the very stones. Byssa flushed crimson and snatched up one

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of the sandals lying by her side to make a feint of punishing her friend; but, as

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    she raised her arm, the sandal slipped from her hand and flew far out in the water. There was a general outburst of screams and laughter. Byssa started up, shaking all the

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    flowers from her lap on the ground, hastily gathered up the folds of her36 garments, and waded out into the stream. But the current had already swept the sandal into somewhat dee

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    per water, so that, to avoid being wet, she was obliged to lift her clothes above her knees. She soon perceived that the task was not so easy. Every time she stretched out her ha

  • nd she was baffled. The little whirlpools in the stream played sportively with their prize; each moment they bore the sandal under the

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  • ide down the precipice a
  • ir light foam, and when it again appeared it was in an entirely different place from where its owner expected. A cold wind was blow

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